She is beautiful, but dangerous.

Pull as hard as you can when I tell you.

I'd like to see them both.

The crowd cheered the singer's entrance.

What time will you come tomorrow?

My wooden bed is actually quite heavy.

Many of Guantanamo's interrogators were trained torturers.

A drop of sweat ran down his forehead.


She's way out your league.

Tell Sandy I'm sick.

We'll meet at the station.

Are you sure you don't want to get your own lawyer?

Matthew took the drink away from Isidore.

"I really need some new clothes," thought Dima.

He learnt driving in Ireland.

We accomplished a lot.

You couldn't say that was a plan with any sense of reality to it.

Can we talk to Micheal now?

It's raining outside.


I think he is not so much a novelist as he is a scholar.

Courtney said he doesn't remember doing it.

I intend to do more than that.

After the accident, the police told the crowd to keep back.

Lately everyone seems happy.

I can't afford to pay anyone.

I will take my mother out in my new car tomorrow.


It's a tough and reliable vehicle.

Anytime you need a favor, call me.

Does it often snow in the winter here?

How many chromosomes does a human being have?

Have they cleared the road yet?

It may not be amiss to give this advice.

Izzy didn't tell anyone why he had gone to Boston.

I truly mean that.

People think that I'm serious.

Why did you do that to him?

I'll have two hot dogs with mustard and ketchup.

He's pushing fifty.

These shoes are too big for me.


Their goods are of the highest quality.

I'm a marketer, and as a marketer, I know that I've never really been in control. Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room, the saying goes.

Alberto told me to give you anything you want.

He let her kiss him.

Her behavior really got on my nerves.

I don't have any objections.

He is no longer the shy boy he was.

Izumi didn't get home till midnight.

Anderson said he agrees it's a problem.


Don't ever let me catch you here again.

We haven't heard from Naoto in a long time.

The company's insolvency forced it to file for bankruptcy.

Your kids need to know the truth.

That wasn't easy to translate.


It took a long time and a lot of money to build this factory.


I forget to telephone him.

The bill was passed by an overwhelming majority.

I am not good at sports.

He has given us useful knowledge.

You can't get in without your key anyway, so you may as well come to have supper with us.

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The square root of one hundred forty-four is twelve.

He is in charge of entertaining the foreign guests.

Tollefsen slept an hour.

How many bridges are there in London?

Rathnakumar didn't specify how many pencils to buy.

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If you cannot find the truth right where you are, where else do you expect to find it?

Ramneek pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket.

Open the windows to let in some air.

By changing those things which need to be changed.

I don't have enough space in my room for that desk.

Joe is not in his bedroom.

The body and the mind of man are so closely bound together that whatever affects one affects the other.

Maybe you did it wrong.

I consider Knute to be my best friend.

His secret life came to light at last.

Sometimes, a little bit of pride is what we need.


He cannot be an honest man to do such a thing.

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Those two are exactly alike.

I detest fighting.

But I enjoyed farm work.

All is good.

As far as I can tell, there's nothing medically wrong with Amedeo.

Add the dry ingredients and stir until the mixture becomes a dough.

Every student is supposed to know the school regulations.

We spend a lot of time on the phone.

I did that today.

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What size of cake do you like?

They went to Paris by way of Calais.

Curtis is going to be here soon.

Those are all great ideas.

Show me her picture.

Not all are called to be artists in the specific sense of the term. Yet, as Genesis has it, all men and women are entrusted with the task of crafting their own life: in a certain sense, they are to make of it a work of art, a masterpiece.

They barely spoke.

I did well at the interview!

He gave me a passport and told me to leave the country.

He kept complaining so much, without doing anything to help, that I finally had to tell him to fish or cut bait.

She had long blond hair.


An ice storm is coming in.

Knowledge feeds me.

It was extremely embarrassing.

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Ramesh might be a little mad at me.

Some think that we are not spiritually related.

What does Heinrich need to say to get Griff to forgive him?

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He made reference to my book.

Panacea teaches French.

What could possibly have gone wrong?

You're just envious.

Pontus is an adult.

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That's not really necessary anymore.


They've been looking for the plane for eight days, without success.

We've been here for months.

I'm supposed to be sensible human.


I wish I could figure out how to get my car painted without paying a lot of money.

Unfortunately, I believed all the lies that Luc was telling.

Are you good?


He leaned against the pillar and gazed at the Statue of Liberty.

The building was built in 1960.

Put it back.

Everyone here is afraid of her.

You seem to have a lot on your mind.

Keep calm and be mature!

Naoki was poor and lived in a cabin.


She lives next door to us.

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May I bother you with a request?

Let's get up a party for Sergeant's birthday.

Higher education is the single most important investment students can make in their own futures.

He succeeded in solving the question.

They look up to him as their benefactor.

Did you think I was being sarcastic?

Marilyn said it was no concern of his.


Life has often been compared to climbing a mountain.

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People in England are straight up mean to us. We're Americans.

It sounds strange to me.

Do you understand them?

This is fine.

Jiri drove along the river.

Because it quit raining, he went out for a walk.

He grunted his agreement without looking at me.

I'd advise you to not eat that.

The song is well known to everybody.

I drank a glass of milk.

In times of abundance, remember the times of famine.


Maybe we can do something to help.

I can't raise our daughter alone.

Vernon isn't afraid of you.


The sun rises earlier in the summer.


Kyle doesn't care what other people think.

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Is there something in your room you don't want me to see?


That colour doesn't look good on me.

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I don't like winter.


The back of the building is on First Street.

I lived in Australia for three years.

That tradition has fallen into desuetude.

Is there an information counter?

It's a shortcut.

Please teach me French.

My favorite vegetable is the tomato.


I like the beach.

That's life.

Is there any more water?


I would get beat


They'll find Hamilton.

I'm not coming in today.

I'd like to tell you the truth.

He is late.

His manner marks him as a provincial.


I've loved you for a long time.