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Should I tell them?

Griff won't talk to you.

We're not giving up.

Have you finished reading today's paper yet?

Kory really looks a lot like her mother.

I'm not bad!

I must go at once.

The sun of the east shall rise in the west.

I don't expect him to understand my innermost thoughts but I wonder what I can do to get him to hold an interest.

I looked up at my phone, and tried to read my text messages.

Rabin didn't know what Kirsten had done.

Ninety-nine always makes me laugh.

Because zeal for Thy house hath eaten me up, and the reproaches of them that reproach Thee are fallen upon me.

I didn't want to surprise you.

This palace was built for the rich king.

The students presented their teacher with a gold watch.

I have to go and see what Elijah wants.

It's a shame I can't afford the gift she deserves.

The odds against that happening are astronomical.

This restaurant is noted for its good food.

That'll be wonderful.

Rich has a funny-looking mouth.

Is that what you think I want to hear?

You can get to the other side of the road by going through this underpass.

Our confidence in him is gone.

"Are you hungry?" "I'm always hungry."

I like to learn languages


He was ablaze with anger.


I read that book several years ago.

We have more music coming up, so stay tuned.

My boss is an asshole.

Don't you see what's going on?

A horse can run very fast.

The relationship "A loves B" is not reflexive, transitive, or symmetric.

Everybody yells at me.

Jane studied herself in the mirror.

I'm glad you didn't call her.

I don't have anything to do with that problem.

Not a single star is to be seen tonight.


He's going to pay me back next week.

I'll fire him.

I'll get my son to wash my car somehow or other.


Computers are being introduced into this company.


I don't think Jorge would like it very much if I used his electric beard trimmer without his permission.

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I strongly agree with you.


She is second to none in French.

You showed your best.

I couldn't bear the thought of it.

I like to write songs in French.

Carisa is too good for you.

After all, having an erection the entire day is strange, isn't it?

How could you possibly know?

Vladislav said he didn't want anything for his birthday.

Why is he hiding?

They did not go there.

You should watch your language when you talk to her.


Three hostages have been released.

I met them before you were born.

I heard you the first time.

She prides herself on her beauty.

He knocked at the closed door.

A painter's eyes are his most important tools.

Why don't you want to come with us?

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He was quick to criticize others.


Registration starts October 20th.

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I have gooseberries in my garden.

Daren encouraged his son to study French.

What is the jacket made of?

Craig is saying something.

You can't tell anybody.

Are you home?

Pratt has very broad shoulders.


Nothing is as precious as love.

Hsuan finished his drink.

The other day something horrible happened in a Tokyo suburb.

Harald? What an unusual name!

Cough syrup. If I don't drink a mouthful before going on stage I can't settle down!


When are you returning to Italy?

She's going to escape.

Nothing can't exist because if it did it would be something.


Do you promise not to tell?


Could you spare me a few minutes?

Don't take my words ill.

That's a secret. I can't tell you.

Elizabeth ran to his car.

What is psychoanalysis?


We used to call him Tommy.


Mott took his tie off.

I've always been a big fan of Jean Reno.

Should we tell her?

You're a lot taller than Sundar.

See you tomorrow at 2:30.

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Do you really think it won't happen?

I am going to that place.

Physically, the two men were very different.

I cannot finish reading this thick book in a week.

Not long ago we heard a father say in the presence of his large family, "I don't want any of my boys to be lawyers."

He's a good violinist, is this not true?

Harris isn't a boy anymore.

Close the blinds.

I'm not as conservative as I used to be.


How do you interpret these lines of the poem?


She seems to have left for Tokyo yesterday.


I didn't know what I should say to Gerard.

Honzo is a bit crazy.

I think we can catch Suu.

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I do not hug her.

I had never been kissed like that before.

I play computer games.

Roberta is creepy.

Tell the jury what you saw next.

His plan seems very good from my point of view.

The world would be so much better off if it were run by people like me.

Sheila might not like it.

I wonder if Socorrito will be there.

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I just spoke to him.


He brutally murdered his wife.

You might want to bring Philip with you.

Jesus insisted that he acted alone.

In addition to this, there are other reasons.

Murray advertised his saxophone for sale.


This audiobook is worth listening to.


Are your grandparents still alive?

I expect you to follow my orders.

That's a gimmick.

It's a lot of work.

How did you ever find out about that?

She doesn't have any proof.

I'll be over in half an hour.

He stole a kiss from her.

No woman is as arrogant as she is.

The police arrested the suspect yesterday.

Both of them started crying.

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No one knows his name.

Those present at the concert were surprised by his performance.

The pictures are hanging in the big room.


Why didn't you go back for him?


Our children like the dog, but I like the cat.

I love music.

Lynne didn't buy that for a second.

How soon can you get to my house?

They aren't farmers.

This is good.

I couldn't say.

He was a very kind man, but his verbosity was exasperating.

Bob and Rafael are brothers.

Don't believe him!

We've got something for you.

Leif and Bert have been married for more than thirty years.

I don't feel very confident.


I apologize for showing up unannounced.

I'll knock your brains out!

I warned Ram, but he didn't listen.

It's less economical than a diesel.

It was so peaceful in the grove of trees.

Language has, at the same time as being method of expressing one's thoughts, the side of being something used to think with.

The ventilation in the room was bad since all of the windows were closed.

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She is a very attractive woman.

If you have pain in your chest, consult your doctor right away.

Mother gets up earlier than anybody else in my family.

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I've always hoped to sail across the Pacific in a yacht.

I've been busy this week.

Page held onto the rope.

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I was discussing that problem with Terrance.

It is sometimes difficult to tell twins apart.

Jeff wouldn't put it that way.