I said hello to Debby but she totally ignored me.

In her notebook, she drew a copy of the picture that was in the book.

She has always repeated that she is innocent.

I can't pinpoint the problem.

Let your smile be your umbrella.

Congress approved the plan in August 1969.

I told her to do it.

The city was in ruins.

Lucifer knew that Radek wasn't friendly.

The people I work with are all very kind.

He is in the kitchen.

I usually gas up the car at this service station.

How do we get rid of her?

Since the flat is actually a hotel, will the room be cleaned every day?

They want to fight.

How irresponsible!

Did you make it for yourself?

Tell me what you eat, I'll tell you what you are.

Magnus denied it.

Kathryn had to continue working alone.

I'll try not to bore you to tears with this speech.

Jeannie's hair was bluer than her eyes.

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Irving took this picture.

I can type at a very fast rate.

Can you find Kyrgyzstan on a map?


Kristin says he can get you what you need.


Tell him that.

What is the scale of this map?

Did he really do that?

Could you show me how to use that machine?

Please help Cristi.

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I have a right to privacy too.

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He has no idea what he's doing.

My clock is two minutes fast.

There's nothing I can do to help him.

It has to be near here somewhere.

He may be powerful, but he is not invincible.

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I was home-schooled by my mom.

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It was an extremely stupid thing to do.

How can we be sure of his honesty?

She's not from here. She was born out of country.


If I had 25% more income, I'd be more satisfied with my life.

Just pretend you don't know me.

Many methods have been proposed for treating fractures of the atrophic mandible

How did you guys meet?

I have to pay him back.


Happy christening!

The price of a litre of petrol has been increased by 12 rupees.

The lessons are getting more and more difficult.

Why would I steal your wallet?

Towns sprang up all along the railroad.

I'm just following the blueprints.

Does the gentleman know whose car this is here?

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I feel I need a whole new lexicon, as my language fails me.

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Perhaps we can help Michel in some way.


I cannot bear this pain.

Being admitted to the doctorate is going to be a great challenge.

Jeannette has a pain in his big toe on his right foot.

Your food will be right out.

When did you write that last part?

You know I won't lie to you.

I didn't know much about her.

We left Micah alone.

We hope it's all true.

What am I to do next?

Whoever telephones, tell him I'm out.

Claudia never forgets to give his wife flowers on their wedding anniversary.

Give me the slippers! Hey! Give them to me!


The show was wonderful, but the tickets were too expensive.

Would you consider being in a relationship with someone who has an odd fetish?

For centuries foreign language teaching focused on reading and writing.

I'm well aware of the facts.

Sarah didn't look happy.

There will be blood.

Masanobu is older than me.

She can't be any more than twenty years old.

I want to see you in my office right now.

The scenery is beautiful beyond description.

He's a historian.

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I support the proposal.

They drink coffee at home.

Unfortunately, munificence is not one of the salient features of my husband.


Blaine died in my arms.


Sharan left the office at 2:30.

We're going to be here for three days.

I'm hungry and thirsty.


I know now.

We have some great news!

Is this real gold?

Italian wedding soup is a savory broth with green vegetables and little meatballs. Sometimes it also contains a variety of small pasta.

Belinda felt disappointed.


I called earlier.

What a shock!

He couldn't account for his foolish mistake.

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If I use the more expensive shampoo, my hair will be more "silky" than if I just use the normal one.

Are you over eighteen years old?

It makes no difference to me that Max has come.

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She was a kind person.


It's sand.

I want to learn Irish.

Bert told me that he often dreams in French.


She advised him to go home early.

Today, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of genocide struggle for recognition of the massacres, seeking justice for past crimes on behalf of family members who were brutally murdered.

He respects Einstein, an American scientist.

Emily ate an orange.

It was fun to celebrate together.

You think you don't work when you watch TV. Pweh!

You should always turn off the light when you leave a room. This can save a lot of energy.

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I don't know where he went.

Where does this path go to?

It's no use pretending that you can't speak French.

He dropped out of high school.

I wish we didn't have to do this anymore.

I am very tired with reading.

Stay away from the clinic.

We write this in honor of Saint Patrick, who is credited with bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to one of the most pagan cultures of his day.

The cat was playing with a live mouse.

What would you do in my shoes?

There are ten thousand students in this university.

Marsh is the boss.

You never told me that Les would be here.

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Don't tell Kiki I told you.

I almost feel sorry for you.

The train is to arrive on time.

They can't make us go.

He looked at historically famous locations.

I want you here.

Anastrophe, by switching around words, has the effect of emphasizing text.

Tell me how you did it.

The Representative said he will put a brake on spending.

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They trust him.

Good luck to both of you.

I have only leaves and apples.

Nancy seldom smiles.

When I met Anka in Bucharest she was studying.

The giraffe is the tallest of all animals.

Real came out of the closet to his parents at the age of 24.

We were here first.

Aren't you too young to smoke?

She's been having trouble with back pain for years.

It produced strange visual effects.


Men are proud of their genitals.


She swerved to avoid hitting a tarantula as big as a catcher's mitt in the middle of the road.

I'm having second thoughts.

To pick a fight with her, that's courageous.

I live in a hovel.

I thought it was marvelous.

I'm not mad at you.

In its "Eleven Five Plan" (2006 to 2010), the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology pledged to implement phone connections in every village and Internet connections in every town.

The cold spell slowed the growth of the rice plants.

I just never will understand women.

How could God do that to us?

I'm the one who picked those flowers.

Christopher looks very upset.

Vice will probably be convicted and executed.


I'm too drunk to do that.

I didn't realize that you were feeling so bad.

Somebody is here to see you, Hotta.

I knew nothing about it.

She is seldom late for school.

Justin received the highest grades in the class.

What school does Po attend?

I was told that you might be able to help me.

I could scarcely breathe.


His mother refused to pay for his education so while at college he worked as a servant to pay his way.

Tracy wants to know how he can lose weight quickly.

It was a little tricky.

How nice of you!

It's unlikely that anyone other than Alain would be interested in buying this.

Clyde handled it pretty well.

Tammy didn't understand at all.