we bring creativity to ai for brands

The Great Machine is an artificial intelligence division of Deutsch, conceived to create products that bind AI and human behavior to solve brand problems that traditional marketing can’t. Why? Because we love everything that’s happening with AI right now, but believe that without a personality, AI is still just a bunch of numbers and code.

So, we created Great Machine to add creativity, soul, and a voice to AI. Because with it, intelligent machines can become companions that enhance a brand’s relationship with people. And quite frankly, nobody likes someone who’s just a tool, ya know?

what do we make?

Bots & Conversational Interface

These bots are designed to speak and listen to the user like a real, responsive human. We see them playing a huge role in things like Conversational Commerce.

Predictive & Anticipatory Systems

These systems can take huge pools of data, analyze, and find relevant patterns to make recommendations or predictions: what you’ll eat, wear, watch, and listen.

Internet of Things

The world is becoming one big, connected interface. Artificial intelligence can help us navigate and connect people with the objects in the real, physical world.

Cognitive Assistants

Basically, exactly what the name sounds like — systems that learn from you, then do the dirty work so you can focus on doing better things with your time. Think customer service agents, personal assistants, and collaborators.

Cognitive Personalization

This kind of AI takes data from a single person, analyzes it with other people’s data, then predicts a perfect personalized experience based on it.

Smart Process Automation

Using Machine Learning to distill massive amounts of unstructured and unwieldy information into a cohesive whole to deliver a better experience for the human on the other side.



An interactive video that lets people drive new Golf R... with their voice.

We created a simple web app where users could imitate car sounds into their computer microphone, then we used AI to turn these sounds into the car’s actual audio in custom, long-form VW films. The AI was designed to automatically pair the specific kind of sound people made, with moments of action in the film. So, when the VW slid through a hairpin turn, or accelerated down the stretch, the viewer would hear their own voice making the’ “screeeeeetch.”

Taco Bell

A simple, cheeky robot that lets people order Taco Bell through Slack.

For busy people on Slack, ordering food sometimes just feels like an inconvenient distraction from their work. So, we decided to create a natural language chatbot that would let Slack users order Taco Bell as if they were at a drive-thru, without even minimizing a window

AI Stylist AI Stylist

Artificial intelligence that puts a personal stylist in your pocket

Leveraging creative AI and Natural Language processing, we created a super stylish chatbot that would match each user’s personal style, then help them shop the style with our Kik Bot app. Fashion is particularly tricky industry to pin down because it’s constantly shifting, so our bot processed lots of data from modern fashion trends to help predict what our users wanted at the time.



We collaborate with our clients to understand their business needs, digital ecosystems, offline touchpoint, and internal requirements to identify the places where AI can be used to power solutions that create meaningful business results.

AI PRIMER Free Workshop

Great Machine will work with any brand to spread education about AI free of charge in a one-day workshop. We call it the AI Primer, but think of it as an AI primer for executives. We get grounded in what AI is and what it isn’t; what it can do, and what it can’t; best practices and worst missteps. And it’s really not as tough to wrap your head around as you might think.



Our 20/20 program is a 20-day sprint to assess your business and output a strategy inclusive of key briefing documents that detail where/why/how AI can come to life; it’s an actionable plan for bringing AI to your business using easy-to-understand language. The 20/20 strategic process will feel familiar to any executive used to working with an insight-led creative agency or innovation consultancy. Prices start at $20K.



Because Great Machine is seated within Deutsch, a world-class marketing agency based in Silicon Beach and New York City, we have the ability to take a Great Machine brief to a creative idea, and then into development and deployment in short order. Working with Great Machine and Deutsch creates efficiencies that promotes a lower stakes path to market for AI-powered tech.