I wish I had done more.

You never cared what happened to me before.

You need to apologize to her.

Why don't you call Bert?

Kamel nodded back.

Keep doing what you're doing.

She is having coffee now.

The boy was so tired that he could walk no longer.

May I ask a very special favor of you?


You seem content.


Hang in there. Don't give up hope.


Don't listen to her. She's lying to you.

What do you think Simon did?

Sergei sat down on a bench.

Jacob usually reads the newspaper while eating breakfast.

The cocido, what's in it?


I hope I'm wrong.

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She's a beauty.

You need to do a better job.

I'll have to work hard.

She is congenitally disabled.

I'm not afraid of death, but I prefer not to be here when it occurs.


Why don't I stay with Mosur?

The one who pays the bills calls the shots.

Alvin traveled to Boston.

I was looking for something to do.

Indra is spreading butter on the bread.

It's warm enough to swim.

They swam across the bay.

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How can I refuse you?

Tokyo's air pollution problem is even worse than that of New York.

Is it true that you can write in Chinese?

Jennifer is very disappointed about the concert being cancelled. She really had her heart set on going.

The advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Who helps her?

Have you ever seen a spider spinning its web?

She was wearing a mink coat.

She gripped my arm tightly.

He is unquestionably the oldest man in the village.

It gradually dawned on me that I had taken the wrong train.

How can you be so sure?

Blair didn't say anything about himself.

The dog fetched the stick.

I think you might need to talk to Clayton about that.

Motion for continuance denied.

All our efforts were in vain.

He didn't open his mouth all afternoon.

The small country was annexed to its larger neighbor.


Rabin found a good restaurant not too far from our campus.

French people eat frogs and are rude!

Whoever shuts up, even though he is right, is married.


A carcase is not a box for a motorized vehicle.

Electronic news media is our primary source of information.

Toerless's parents both died while he was still a small child.

What are we talking about?

I am full.


You have to chew the food before you swallow it.


The rules have broken themselves.

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In all honesty, I could not say the room allotted to me was comfortable.

We managed to get there on time.

The students around her were talking about the test.

She plays the guitar.

Wolfgang and Barbra played all afternoon.

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It is sensible of you to follow her advice.

I was so careful.

You have to put off your departure for England till next week.

Bradley didn't pay his taxes on time.

In the last World Cup, New Zealand was knocked out of the competition by Mexico.

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It's now windy.


There is no ambiguity.

My cousin is a little older than I.

She is really into knitting.


The salad is incomplete without olive oil, croutons and nuts.

This cake doesn't really live up to its reputation.

He adapted his plan to the new situation.

You can't just make up the rules as you go along.

Have you finished what you were doing?

He is wiser and more careful than Bob.

I bought two tickets for a concert.

Don't you think I deserve an apology?

The other day I noticed I was driving around with the parking brake on. It's a wonder the car could even move.

My car's in the shop.

He really got to me.

I wish I'd known sooner.

They broke out into spontaneous laughter.

I have other things I need to be doing.

Just being together is enough for me.

They will be used for making people happy.

He owes his success both to working hard and to good luck.

Her mother knew that her eldest daughter had signed up for a drama seminar, but she had no idea that she was so deeply involved as to appear on stage.

There are lots of signs warning that they prosecute shoplifters.


A person will come that without words will make you feel like a nobleman.

I'll discuss the matter with my boss.

She grew up in an abusive home.


Dannie gets tired quickly.

You're positive.

Is it close to the capital?


I've been a member of this organization for five years. Oh wait, no. Six.

He ate all of the apple.

I knew you'd understand immediately.


More and more couples go on honeymoon trips abroad.


Correct me if I'm wrong.


Could you tell me where I could go to get a square meal?

Get me a fire extinguisher.

Thoughts of being trapped grew stronger.

I detest Jurevis.

No one will come.

Cathy stopped picking flowers.

I myself drank all the beer.


The investigation is complete.


Neither of us has strayed.

Murat isn't the kind of person who says one thing but does another.

Sedat finally persuaded Thierry with these words.


You'll never know what hit you.

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She was watching the film with her eyes red in tears.

I can't tell you how good it is to see you again.

The queue for the toilet has got too long. Do you think it's time we expedited things by having a peek?


It's as smooth as a baby's bottom.

I found this under your bed.

Where did he see action?


Only those who dare to fail greatly, can ever achieve greatly.

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He lost all his belongings.

There's a post office in the vicinity.

There was blood on the floor.

This lawn mower is gas powered.

One and one makes two.

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It is criminal to pay so much money for such trifles.


Gary didn't get to school in time.

I'd be quiet if I were you.

I read a lot of modern authors.


I can understand Todd's frustration.

Add salt to taste.

How often do you go swimming in the sea each summer?

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Will you tell me how long you have loved him?

I really just don't like Christmas music.

I love Occitan.


She gave me a fake phone number.

Do you study French at school?

That coin is counterfeit.


Don't you believe him?


The best teams are made up of a bunch of nobodies who love everybody and serve anybody and don't care about becoming a somebody.

I've lost my car key.

You will do no such thing.

He is generally at home in the evening.

We really enjoyed ourselves.

I met Marc once before.

He neither wrote nor telephoned.


This is where I draw the line.


Who was the lucky who ended up with the inheritance?

I can't drive a bus.

The only access to the farmhouse is across the fields.

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You're double-parked.

There are 40 pupils in this class.

He adores it.


The German Chancellor is plagued by immigration problems.

That's not how I want to be remembered.

I'm from Australia.


I rely on your promise.