Charles complained to his neighbour about the constant barking of his dog.

I suggest that your son come to our party.

Minutes or hours later Dr. Numata came in and felt Sadako's forehead.

We got an offer.

I had to wait a long time for Rodney's answer, but it was worth it.

Is she sure about her travel plans?

I disappointed my teachers.


It's not that I seriously like him. I just find him very attractive.

I gripped your arm until it reddened.

How could it not matter?


We will make every effort to do so.

Do you remember what happened last year?

You can't pretend it didn't happen.

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Who are you to judge?

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Thank you, anyway.


I have to do my homework.


Music is not a language. But some languages are music to my ears.

Girls like to show off their fine clothes.

This theory is too difficult for me to comprehend.

Now I'll add the finishing touch.

"Teenage discontentment" is redundant.

Everybody's talking.

I want to sit between you and Siegurd.


Really? I had no idea! Next thing you know, you'll be telling me water's wet.

Your efforts are futile.

There is no response from him.

We can't wait for the weekend.

According to the manufacturer's directions, tires should be changed every 10 years.

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My husband was behind me every step of the way.

Bonnie stepped onto the bathroom scales.

On which bed would you like to sleep?

You must not speak Japanese during the class.

The reason is, no one can speak my language.

"Why do you hate me so much?" "Because you are a brute!"

He's coming before me.


I may have to call you later.

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I'm just doing what needs to be done.

I knew you were behind this.

You're not going to get in trouble for helping me.

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Kyle is only supposed to have one visitor at a time.


She bore her sorrow well.

You're not wanted here.

If you can't have a midnight snack why do we have a light in the fridge?


One day, Chris discovered the charming girl of his dreams.

You have no alternative.

Thomas is not wearing a shirt.


How exactly was Straka killed?

Paper is, therefore, a veritable miracle created by man.

Neither of them looks busy.

Judge and Amir resumed arguing.

This is the hospital which I was born in.

We need a publisher first.

Loukas offered to help Bruce find her lost puppy.

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She lives with her boyfriend.


Sam doesn't get along with the man who lives next door.

I got lucky.

Sharon and I have the same problem.

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Dan had a strong faith in God.

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"Where's my money?" "What money?" "You owe me money." "I don't owe you, sucker!"

This tradition passes from father to son.

Who'd want to wear that?

There is not much doubt about the cause of the fire.

I didn't know that Kelly spoke French.

It was really hard.

I'll just go.

It's getting harder.

Put your hands out.

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Does this please you, or do you want something else?


Would you like a newspaper or magazine?


I think we should go with you.

They're all equal.

Revision of the law can't be delayed further.


Actually, Andries doesn't have insurance.

The trend of public opinion is against corporal punishment.

His boss has a good opinion of his knowledge of computers.


I would like some sugar, please.


My uncle kept on drinking in spite of his doctor's advice.

I was not feeling very hungry.

Don't promise anything.

Do you remember anything Dimetry said?

Peggy still sometimes writes to me.


It's natural for family members to help each other.


Today's the coldest day we've ever had.

Don't get all tied up in knots.

I just stopped by to pick something up.

Did we want snow?

Johann used to play tennis every Monday afternoon.


When did you first meet her?


Now I know better.

There's no mistake about it.

We must apply corrective measures.


Lum is majoring in French.

"Can" is the right word to express ability and "May" to ask for permission.

I didn't know you spoke French.

I don't want to talk to them.

She let him go.

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What'll you do?


The same is true of all human beings.

About 250 million years ago, all the continents we see today were one big supercontinent called Pangaea.

A bowl of rice weighs about 180 grams.

I'm just going to spend a penny.

Mayo kept shoveling.


Kenton looked like death warmed up after going on a three-day bender.


That's why I don't like her.


Without the sun there is no life!

when did you learn swimming?

Why do you look so worn out?


They want my death.

I know the situation is very difficult for us.

He comes here almost every day.

Unlike her older sister, the younger sister is the quieter type.

Raif is a very odd person.

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He found me a good seat.

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Hey, I know what I want.

I don't want to get my clothes dirty.

Markus started laughing again.


That happened to my friend.

Physical changes are directly related to aging.

It's a pity she couldn't come.

No sooner had the younger brother gone into the forest than he found the river, swam across it, and there on the other side was the she-bear, fast asleep.

I didn't want to think about it.

He went to the hardware store to get a shovel.

I'm ashamed of what I have to say, miss, said Leuwen, but my duty as a gentleman forces me to speak.

I remember that laugh.

He's tall, famous, and rich.

I don't think that's what I need.

Now I'm sad.

Isn't it lovely?

No, I won't cook for you.


I am going to buy a new car.

We've got to go now.

The moon rose above the hill.


It might rain this afternoon.


It'll be easy to do that.

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I might be able to see that.

Tal was living in Boston at that time.

Why is the store closed?

You'll have to study harder from now on.

Should we arrest Norman?

Students from the suburbs come to school by bus.

My wife is pregnant!


There is nothing new under the sun but there are lots of old things we don't know.


This book stands high in my opinion.


I don't really understand this.


Brad had never spoken to Donna before that time.

She really likes playing with him.

I built ten thousand walls, for you to knock them all down.


We need mental skills, not manual ones.

Jealousy made him do that.

My car's dirty.

In a characteristically awkward move, Regis patted his guest on the arm.

We knew what we were up against.