Saul said it was fine.

I want to donate money.

Did Brenda get hurt in the accident yesterday?

I thought you were planning to be here early.

All orders must be accompanied with cash.

How much does this hobby cost you?


I shave every morning.


I'll get used to it.


Please leave next Saturday afternoon free.

Excuse me, where's the American Embassy?

I ate until I was satisfied.

I ran for my life.

I'd like you to do me a favor.

Jack disappeared from view in the crowd.

It looks like Harris is beginning to worry what might happen.

I can't finish this part of the puzzle.

Sridhar spent hours trying to nut out the reasons for the discrepancies in his company's books.

Would you like bread?

If the sun were to rise in the west, I would never agree to your plan.

It's no concern of yours.

I wonder how many times I've come here with her.

Jess doesn't like us very much.

The plane bound for Beijing is going to take off soon.

That boy runs very fast.

Why did you lend money to someone like her?

I do profess to be no less than I seem.

The girl closely resembles my dead mother.

I finally graduated from junior high school.

Hasty marriage seldom succeeds.

They didn't even know we were there.

I can understand everything they are saying.

He expressed regret over the affair.

You think you're too important to help people.


I didn't wait for an explanation.

I could almost cry.

What do you expect to find there?

Protecting the environment means saving ourselves.

I was stupid.

The girl looked at him once more, and then she blushed as if a flame had gone up her cheeks.

It may not be clean, but you won't get sick from eating it.

He threw the big man down.

Put more salt in the soup.

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I hear that there are people in Japan who keep penguins as pets.


It's quite an unusual concept.

Pitawas is the kind of guy you just can't hate.

How could Ahmed not be jealous?

How did you pull that off?

Since it was raining, I took a taxi.

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I can't recall who said that.

The pigeon flew swiftly down to the earth. He was much larger than a turkey.

Bucky was sitting on a wall and looking out at the ocean.


We're going to go now.

It seems we are in the same boat.

Are you saying that our plan was accepted? I hope you're not showing me any premature happiness here.


I'm not sure about my writing skills but if it is needed I will make that text for you


Mind yourself. That knife is sharp.


Suu definitely has the confidence to be our leader.

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Hey, I said I was sorry.

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You need to get home right now.

A wine bar just opened in the area. Let's try it.

You don't have to worry about funds.


We're not out of business yet.

Youth is wasted on the young.

Kiki had two choices.

Something wrong with that?

The game's about to begin.

The hunters aimed their rifles at the elephant.

You have nothing to feel guilty about.


Irving's arms ached.

I have a nodding acquaintance with Mr. Smith.

You're in great danger.

I didn't have the heart to tell you.

Please behave like an English gentleman.

As he walked away, his figure gradually became dim under the snow.

Even Leon wouldn't be stupid enough to do that.

For centuries, astronomers believed that the Milky Way made up the entire universe. Hubble was among the first to show that the fuzzy patches in the sky seen through telescopes were other galaxies, not distant parts of the Milky Way.

Seeing these islands from the airplane, we thought that they were really beautiful.

Is it certain that he will help us?

Government has the right to kill people.


The small company was taken over by a large organization.

I can't remember how to say "Thank you" in German.

I know Ernie saved Honzo's life.

We're OK.

I remember this story.

They play the piano.

I don't want to go bald when I'm still young.

I marked your birthday on my calendar.

You must not take either a shower or a bath.

He wondered to himself why his wife had left him.

My uncle has seen a lot of life.

I come here as often as I can.

She took a painkiller.


You must be careful when talking to a European.

It's started again.

Goethe's poem "Mignon" is widely read in Japan in Mori Ogai's excellent translation.


Men tend to exaggerate their number of sexual partners.


I've never seen a rainbow.

What was that all about?

There is nobody like you.

You're good at what you do, aren't you?

Hey, what do I know?

Isabelle is approximately Noemi's age.

I didn't study math at all.

We often hear French being spoken here.

What was the cause of your quarrel?

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The Egyptians built this temple to honour the Pharaoh Ramses II.

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The children are upstairs asleep.

Can you give them a ride home?

Sundar might want to go to Boston with us.


Tolerant is sitting on his bunk.

You can't blame him for the accident.

I've got stuff I want to do.

Please let me take a look at the menu.

He scolded her for her weakness.

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Language is just a map of human thoughts, feelings and memories. And like all maps, language is a hundred thousand times the thumbnail image of what it is trying to convey.

Vienna is in Austria.

I was very happy.


You don't listen, do you?

You need to hurry because the bank will close soon.

We must keep a diary every day.


She couldn't keep from crying.


Why don't you all do something?


He still lives with his parents.

I feel very ill.

His army was west of the Mississippi River.

Normally we have to wait for only three or four minutes.

Clayton can eat just about anything.

Here's your ticket.

Neil doesn't think Ric's plan is feasible.

The cold climate affected his health.

There's a fly in the noodle broth.


Don't stick your hands where they don't belong!


You can always find baked goods somewhere on my grocery list.

I know where I'm going next.

I don't want to ruin the evening for everyone.

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It will be my pleasure!

The newlyweds just left the church.

It's a pleasure for me.

Did you ever call her?

The final proposal will be announced sometime next week.

Thank you for trying.

I have no idea why she got so angry.


Don't use "discover" when you mean "invent".

Which sport do you most enjoy watching?

Clifford became very aggressive.

Kemal took three weeks off.

Is that your wife?

The mother laid her baby on the bed.

The lyrics are intentionally keyed in to the onscreen action at times.

Did Randolph say what he wanted?

Nils doesn't respect us.

Many politicians fail to keep their promises.

"You were practically drooling over him." "I was not."

She should have the right to decide for herself.

I have to let off steam.

I'm not worried about Vishal. I'm worried about you, Joseph.

Jeffrey wants to come home.

Thanks for coming by.

She was having a hard time swimming.

My grandfather's photograph is on the wall.

You might want to lose the dinner jacket.

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When the flight crew has their aircraft under control, everything is working normally and yet it still crashes into the ground, that's a "Controlled Flight Into Terrain".

What's so pressing?

I understand finally.


Poverty is no vice.

Did you borrow Boyd's car yesterday?

Is that the way it really is?