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They're terrified of you.

They are memorials.

I thought you were grounded.

Keep Shari away from me.

The dogs, the cats, and the horses are animals.


The interviewer describes the interviewees.

She likens the impact of his training to a piano student progressing from the ability to play a simple tune to performing a concerto.

Global warming will change the patterns of the weather world-wide.

Jayant murdered two police officers.

I'm not a doctor.

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I'll never forget shaking the President's hand last year.

Maria waited for him, but he didn't come.

He will come nine cases out of ten.

I think you've been living in Boston too long.

It was yesterday that I saw him walking down the street.

Did you plan that with them?

Griff couldn't make himself heard.


Elizabeth immediately began playing again.


Behave yourself in company.

Excuse me, sorry mate, you haven't got the time have you?

At 90, Alexis's grandmother still leads a very active life.

Most of his friends are girls.

Gregge might be allergic to peanuts.

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I haven't told them yet.

We bagged two hot girls tonight.

Space is full of mysteries.


I'm afraid I'm a bit out of shape.

What can I do for you today?

Here is the newest magazine.


The mobile phone belongs to you?

While doing the wash she found a condom in the back pocket of her son's pants.

Sue picked up a pencil off the floor.

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Tell me what to do.

I'm proud of my children.

How many aircraft carriers does the US Navy have?


I'd like to wash up before we eat.

I've been hired to take care of the problem.

God created the universe in six days. Only humans invented the five-day week.


Maybe I should go talk to her.

The neighbors sent their kid on a linguistic trip to Ireland this summer.

Irvin has helped me out a lot.

I was amazed at Pedro's fluency in French.

Your speech is not at all understandable to me.


Everyone here is afraid of her.

What would you do if war were to break out?

My grandmother speaks slowly.

Gordon found himself a seat.

I am currently learning Esperanto.

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Luis is being really vague, isn't he?

Life is just a bowl of cherries.

Do you understand why?

The thief ran off with my bag.

Come on! Talk to me, Trang.

Denis must've been confused.

Lois and Audrey aren't together anymore.

Day and night come alternately.

He was on the roof with his electric guitar.

Life is interesting.

Is he really that clueless?

That's when I went to the police.

We need to find alternatives.


I drank too much coffee today.

Francois's doctor advised him to take better care of himself.

His house is far from the station.

He has been secretly in love with her.

He's better than me at math.

You are a beautiful couple.

What are you guys drinking?


Are you up for it?


You said Laurence was upset, but he didn't seem that way to me.

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I'm taking good care of them.

She plays golf every weekend.

He never breaks promises.

The game was drawing to an end.

I regret that I can't help you.

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I'll leave this place trying not to knock anything down.

I took part in the party.

I don't deny it.

I know that you're afraid of flying, but flying is not dangerous.

How is it that it's always at the bottom of the bag?

How was your date with Beverly?

Paul disappeared last month.

I almost fell off the cliff.

The day of the picnic has arrived.

Do you have these shoes in my size?

This man is a real freak!

I'll take an impression of your teeth.

Nathaniel almost always gets home from school before 5:30.

If nobody knows what's coming next, nobody will be disappointed.

That wasn't easy, you know.

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Is that the book that Margaret gave you?

I saw Barrio flirt with my wife.

Damon is a highly-trained member of the special forces.

I require advice.

I can't stop. The brakes...

I'll call you tomorrow, OK?

I bet Bonnie knows where Monty is.

I studied Chinese in Beijing.

What I saw was shocking.

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Hume goes fishing every weekend like I used to.

Everyone stared at me.

Warm weather favored our picnic.

There is something wrong with my car.

Sleep and good food are indispensable to good health.

I expect that Hiroyuki won't swim.

Kelly is really into jazz.


On leaving school, he went into business.

We have had more rain this year than last year.

I will lend you what little money I have now.

He is an angry drunk.

Sonny is totally freaking nuts!


David told me he'd help us.


The board gave unanimous approval.


The mountains will labor, and a ridiculous mouse will be born.

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What rock have you been hiding under?

You are not more stupid because you don't get up earlier.

I'm tired of losing.


The cat was stuck in the tree.

I just fired Rajendra.

Thank you for waking me up.

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It is important to drive carefully.


This is a three-star hotel; three hundred dollars a night.


Could you pass me that wrench?


We must act.

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Are you traveling by yourself?

We got it for her.

We didn't believe him.

The length of a day or a year varies but little.

It would be good for Jinny to get a little more exercise.

It's still hot.

Now answer my question or you'll be standing tall before the man.

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You are a woman.

I don't know why we let you do that.

Many tried to carry out the deed of the intrepid mountaineer.

I met my friends.

Is it true that you bought a house in London?


I'm waiting for my mother.

Bill has a lot of original ideas.

It is no use crying over spilt milk.


We were all hungry.

How are we going to get home?

Our streets flood when it rains.

That's just what I was going to suggest.

We wish to speak to her.

He came up with a terrific solution to the complex problem.

Lucifer remained on the train.

I would've said something.

Let it hang.

Telephone booths are as scarce as hen's teeth around here.

The girl sitting over there is Nancy.

Shatter was going to ask you about that.

He is the last man to submit to authority.

I really want to believe you.

It's his only chance.

Monica almost fell over the cliff.

The girl has no mother.

The fox has a long tail and pointed ears.

We have nothing.

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I don't go to school by bus.

Glaciers around the world are melting.

When's Bret coming?

Uri signaled Narendra to wait.

This probably won't end all of our problems.

Pilot will like it.

What's the minimum salary in Egypt?