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April 2019 is RPM Careers Month!

RPM Careers Month is here! April is RPM Careers Month — the perfect time to show off your profession and encourage talented job seekers around the country to consider a career in residential property management. You can get started early in our industry’s annual celebration with the NAA Education Institute’s RPM Careers Campaign: Submit a selfie, post a RPM Careers event, share our special social media graphics, and check out featured companies and events, all on our online hub.

We’ve created an online toolkit full of ways you can promote RPM Careers Month and win prizes for showing off what you do. This toolkit can help you, your employees, and your industry partners spread the word about RPM Careers Month! Check out our helpful pieces, including:

  • A guide for participating in the #RPMcareers Month campaign
  • Sample emails to send to staff to get them excited
  • Social media content and graphics to post

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Craigslist has built a reputation as a great resource of free and low-cost classifieds online, especially among company recruiters operating with limited budgets. But as the years pass, it’s become clear that relying on Craigslist to fill local job openings may require more time and money than its reputation suggests.
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73% Of Professionals Don’t Love Current Positions
July 31, 2018by apartmen_jonD
38% of participants said their job was “okay, I guess” 35% of participants said they hated their current job 27% of participants said they “REALLY love” their job
5 Questions Guaranteed to Weed Out Bad Job Candidates
June 28, 2018by 403-204-2229
5 Questions Guaranteed to Weed Out Bad Job Candidates
Here are some of the best questions that I use while interviewing potential employees to help find the best talent. You’ve launched your startup, you’ve probably pinned down some investors, and all signs point to a “real” business. However, you are just getting started.