I've already informed Novorolsky that he needs to be here early tomorrow morning.

The chairman of the meeting became ill.


I'm going to read the horoscope, which is better.


She danced with a grace that surprised us all.

This is my natural hair color.

Enemies of enemies aren't always allies.

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His house was burnt down.

The Guard dies, but it does not surrender!

Just call me Juergen.


I've got them.

Srivatsan can't listen to music without tapping his foot.

Don't you think that's a bit odd?

She did pretty well.

Tony burst out laughing when he saw Svante.


I've seen Len do the impossible.

Nathaniel washed all the towels.

Adlai's father is Canadian and his mother is Japanese.

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Who broke the window? He did.

I'm fine, thanks for asking!

He has some money in the bank.


Anniversaries are important.

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Mr. Michael Bruhn was appointed as the Executive Secretary of the Department of Defense by Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates on April 25, 2010.

And you wonder why we can't stand being around you anymore?

The young man whom I caught looking through the garbage can said that he hasn't eaten in four days.

Which one is your car?

We may not have much time.


Due to lack of manpower, we need more time than expectations to handle this task.

You may as well tell him nothing about her.

He knows better than to marry her.


He has given up trying to put the papers in order.

Martyn wants to talk to you privately.

God is my leader, and my sword is my companion.


Beverly was executed three months ago.


This is how they hunt elephants alive.

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I know you think this is crazy.

The stakes were enormous.

Shale rock is a sedimentary rock made up of clay, compacted together by pressure.

Malloy is incredibly brilliant.

I have come here just to help.

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They deported him.

"The Old Testament" is the first part of the Bible.

I don't like to read Freud.

Nobody hates you.

This problem is a rather difficult one.

It's the best place around.

Is the manager really a manager?

But unfortunately, this will not occur very soon.

It's quite remarkable.


This suit fits you perfectly.

They have enough money.

I'm glad you were able to come.


People have the right to defend themselves.

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Do you cry and throw a fit until you get your own way? Who hasn't? Come on...

Don't you start talking like that.

I'm finished.

That doesn't really answer the question.

Eliot finally agreed.


Erwin restricts the amount of meat in her diet.

This is a great business opportunity.

I'm really going to miss him.

Carlo isn't sure what Sue means.

We all stared at Sonny.

Notwithstanding the objections made by some of the corporations party to this arbitration, the committee has decided to remunerate the victims of the accident, as well as cover any medical expenses they may incur.

She ran as fast as possible.

A fallen tree obstructed the road.

Paula knows a lot of people.


Thank you for the information.

The light is too dim for me to read easily.

There's no shortage of work around here.

My favourite genre of music is pop.

He got himself up as Santa Claus.

Cathy used to steal apples from his neighbor's tree.

My friends always say that I'm too quiet, but my family says I'm too dull.

It's just been a difficult few days for Vernon.

Can I go to work?


I hope nothing has happened to Charley.

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I sense a disturbance in the Force.

Here we are at the station.

Shatter told me that he had a dream about Janice last night.

I don't usually sweat like this.

Does that mean you bought it?


Ro is quite bossy.

He treated it with utmost care.

The plate is dirty.


I'm slightly hungry.

I am very sad that he has died.

Mr Green is a teacher of history.

He's out of the office because he's in Osaka on business.

Do you not want me here?


We don't know what went wrong.


Our boss looks over every paper presented to him.

Our ship wasn't damaged in the battle.

Joseph is really competitive, isn't he?

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Vernon closed the door and left.

She tried to put the young man out of her mind, but it was impossible.

Why don't we talk over coffee?

Are there to be hidden characters as well? We ask the developers.

Waaahhh! I lost my wallet.

Is this real gold?

He left everything to chance.


In common with many people he likes holidays.

I like that.

I think I want to meet Ronald.

Holly deserves to be punished.

Mark is a nice guy with a big heart.

I wonder why Dawson wasn't at school today.

Do you know this lady?

This is harassment.

They are faced with a multitude of stresses.


Now, let's see some enthusiasm.

Do that for me, my son, delay no more, nor mention Troy again.

Milner was here yesterday.

It is forbidden for you to touch that switch.

By the way, have you seen anything of Carter lately?

Professor Morita presided at a meeting of the Chemical Society.

Ask him to join us.

They crouched down beside her.

It likes strange animals, like snakes.


Someone tried to shoot them.

Vilhelm died in bed.

She pulled at his heartstrings.

She did her best to persuade him.

Do what's best for Rik.

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We're all like them.

I wasn't aware that Stanley wasn't at school today.

Can you take me to her?


Richard wanted to know when it happened.


The goat was the poor man's cow.

I'm sorry, my dad is not at home.

I don't know whether he comes or not.

Frank was lowering a heavy box with a huge crane.

I hold you ever dearer.


Gregg moved over so that George could sit next to him.

She's upstairs in my room.

The man we trusted deceived us.

I regret what happened to him.

Beckie is an immigrant from Australia.

Can you tell us anything about what happened?

He is the only person for the job.

The boy opened the window, although his mother told him not to.

The wounded soldier writhed in pain.

You're the one who brought me here.

We must keep our hands clean.

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Lucas is a clever clogs.


Manny knew Hans would be at home, cooking.

Drop in, fella.

The roads of Istanbul are crowded.


Kim fluctuates between having an exaggerated sense of her own importance and an inferiority complex.

I had never seen such a beautiful girl before.

The calendar featured photos of bikini-clad vixens draped over sports cars.

You're nice to everyone.

The matter remains under investigation.


She regretted that she had not followed his advice.

The strong, gusty wind strived to strip the leaves off the trees.

It seems that he was poor in his youth.

To which animal would you compare me?

Don't ever let me catch you doing this again.

I've added a tag indicating the author.

How are you doing today?

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Am I too early?


There aren't many men like you.