This theory is true of Japan.

Pravin hates practically everyone.

Would you like to see them?

Per grabbed his mug and walked into the kitchen to get a refill.


I want to leave Paris.

Is it complete?

Day is breaking.


Did you go anywhere for the summer?


My only distraction is the game Go.

Let's just eat.

Svante didn't agree to do it.

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I knew what they did to her.

Can we see her now?

I wish that I could give you something.

I did everything the way Cynthia told me to do it.

I only ate a bite of bread.

Do you have any idea who might've done this?

Echo fell asleep next to his mother dreaming of the bat cave.


I always rely on him in times of trouble.

No matter what happens, I will never change my mind.

I feel like I was born in the wrong era.

I think I know what needs to be done.

Let's play hide and seek.


Taste this.


I'll have your daughter.

We keep a collie as a pet.

I'm sure Jacques wouldn't mind.

Marla can't put up with Julianto's behavior any longer.

I was cut to the quick by her remark.


He chanced on a rare book at a second-hand bookstore.


It is too difficult to choose.


It's a really tough challenge.

Her birthday party will be given next evening.

If I were the boss, I'd fire you.

Tal sought help for problem gambling.

How very curious!


I suggest we finish this tomorrow.


You need your parents' permission if you are going to apply for that.

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The "tricolor" isn't the only tricolor flag in the world.


She is an actress.


I can't tell you how pleased I am.

You might be interested in what I'm doing now.

Fiction novels sell better than reality. In fact, reality doesn't sell at all.

I have a lot of photos.

Who are you so afraid of?

Even if you go far away, let's keep in touch with each other over the phone.

The amount will go up in the case of recidivism.

They run a ferry service across the river.

What exactly is she referring to?

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Rodent told me his father was born in Boston.

She is behind the times when it comes to clothes.

I am going to play soccer after school.

I have several friends who speak English well.

That's surely a misunderstanding.

Do you have these shoes in my size?

I've something interesting to tell you that you might find surprising.

He has endured physical and mental pain.

Why didn't you just sell it?

How beautiful this carillon is!

I believe all that.

You did it.

Bush never invaded Iraq.

It didn't actually happen.

Jiri didn't tell me that he didn't have a driver's license.

Nhan doesn't go to the market, no matter if Vick goes to the market.

Can we have another round, please?


The simplification of life is one of the steps to inner peace.


Don't drive so fast.

You're starting to piss me off.

Foremost politicians of three nations expressed their grave concern concerning the consequences of military operations in south-eastern Ukraine.

Isidore held the coin between his thumb and forefinger.

Why is my memory so bad? I'm always forgetting things!

He wasn't tall enough to get at the ceiling.

The bike was mangled in its collision with the truck.

Saify didn't reveal his real identity to anyone.

Who is he talking to?

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What is your age and profession?

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Look, I told you Page is a friend of mine.

Roland sliced the onion.

Hate is a cancer on society.

That's your answer for everything, isn't it?

I'd better get going. My father is really strict.

Something's happening on Park Street.

It's been easier than I thought.

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Unlike "then", "than" is not related to time. "Than" is used in comparative statements.

We eat butter on bread.

Darrell is the ranking officer.


Why don't you cry?

Judith may be back soon.

Duane wanted to know where it happened.

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I'm not sure that's what Penny really wanted to do.


The concert began with a piano solo.


Gerald really is good at this.

Are you sure you're well enough to be out of bed?

Is that your big house?

We don't have enough room.

Look how they all speak ill of me behind my back because I married a woman thirty years younger than me.


Elijah can't get Rudy to stop.

Can you explain what that means to me?

He always leaves the window open while he sleeps.


I doubt we're going the right way.

Herman was determined to go there.

Do you have a flashlight that I could borrow?

I still need your help finding my keys.

I didn't say I wasn't free.

That dry-cleaning business is a front for the mob.

Why did I do that?

Does Huashi swim often?

Knute never forgets a face.

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Will you make every effort to come?

Knute helped his mother set the table.

My boyfriend is crying.

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You're a very handsome young man.

Chris has a hard time believing anything Klaus says.

That book is written in French.

I'm asking you not to fulfill any of my requests.

Please send this document before the end of the month.

I wanted to avoid this problem.

Do I need to make a speech?

We needed this rain.

Sal has been honest with Seenu.

Benjamin is a pretty capable guy.

The Latin Quarter is a neighborhood for students in Paris.

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This is John and that is his brother.

What a stupid comment!

You've got to respect him.

There is a cup on the table.

I made a lot of mistakes back then.

Sometimes my son comes to visit me.

Rosie was allowed to stay up till eleven o'clock.

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Vivek doesn't agree with what Clem said.

Someone attacked us.

Eddie is the only member of the baseball team that Jos knows.

We're confident.

Was I supposed to ignore her?

Here's a picture of her.

Ugh, the battery just had to die at the worst time.

Couldn't your translation be a little more faithful to the Japanese?

I really am interested.

Oh, I have a good idea.

New York is a huge city.

Gregor is smart and curious.

Jarmo had a splenectomy.

You guys are sweet.

Lin didn't say a word to me.

Fay finally told me the truth three years later.

Talking of Switzerland, have you ever been there in winter?

I just noticed something.

Stop being fucking retarded!

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What's Jesse going to do for us?

Does Iceland still need a distinct language from the one it officially sings ?

Run for your life!

I have lived here for three hundred years, and all that time I have not seen a single human being but yourself.

We were welcomed at every turn.

It was not at all funny.

The doctor looks worried.


You'll never be alone again.

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Paula rushed into his office and slammed the door.

You will yet regret it.

His son was lost in the town.

Stop worrying about that and focus on your work.

You look in the mirror and feel like a shitty person.


I came here of my own free will.

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Are these things really Kimmo's?