Nora moved back to Boston to take over his father's business.

He is spoken well of by his students.

We prepared our meals.

Irvin lost the sight in one of his eyes in a traffic accident.

I don't like upsetting people.

Tomorrow I'll clean my room.

My mother is, without a doubt, the most important.

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I'd like to shake your hand.

My dog is clean.

I've only been fooling myself.

There was a trace of anger in her voice.

Ole pointed at the coin on the floor.

Hey, hold on a second.

Why give it to me now?

What an elegant yacht!

This apple tastes sour, doesn't it?

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Children imitate their friends rather than their parents.

Wes fixed my umbrella for me.

That's why I don't approve of your plan.

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The ship was sailing at full speed.

We're not anticipating any violence.

How many of you plan to be here again tomorrow?


Can someone take our picture?


The boys are throwing a ball in the back yard.

He lives over there, on that hill.

Peel the bananas and mash them with a fork.

I have been to more than ten foreign countries so far.

I thought it best to remain silent.

Suzan would probably enjoy listening to this.

I heard you laughing.

Swamy kept me waiting for half an hour.

He won the first prize at the chess tournament.

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The horse chafed at the bit put in its mouth.

I don't have time to argue with you; I'm preparing the food.

Pratapwant can't read music, so he plays the piano by ear.

The handle of the pitcher was broken.

Can you think of anyone who might be able to babysit our kids tonight?

I'm here to take Wilmer home.

Kerry has brown hair and blue eyes.

She's open-minded.

Belinda, do you like long hair or short hair on girls?

Do you really think this is OK?

The teacher gathered his students around him.


Gale had his house painted white.


The one thing that Martin hates the most is not being taken seriously.

His chances of being elected are good.

She was cool toward me today.

Rathnakumar has made a significant contribution.

Turkeer fainted as soon as he saw the needle.

Who doesn't love walls?

All rebels were already dead.

Skef opened the envelope, pulled out the letter and unfolded it.

How are things going with you?

Did you get an answer from them?

Is it really necessary to save these letters?


In his forties and fifties, a man is still a toddler.

Those are my books.

This room is the coldest in the house.

The cashier will take the one-hundred-franc bill.

He had an accident and broke his leg.


He watched a basketball game on TV last night.

He was lying on the bed.

You should speak with your employer.

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I can mop the floor with you.

He is a man with no standards.

That really wasn't my fault.

I want you to know you have nothing to worry about.

Would you like to go and get a bite to eat?

My letter went unheeded.

I pretty much finished reading the novel.

I have read that story in some book.

Should we prepare anything?


How many minorities live in Russia?

He didn't get the joke.

Sumitro went down to the first floor.


In today's world, the hardest thing for a man to be... is himself.


I have lived here.


She doesn't sleep anymore.


The sun and the moon had started to shine.

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Kees didn't talk to Meehan all night.

I don't understand Portuguese.

He has many friends in the parliament.

Bob is about to go.

I could kick myself for that.

Close your eyes when you listen to music.

He lifted his hat politely.

I like to paint still lifes.

Tim's uncle was a machine gunner on a helicopter in Vietnam.

I hope I haven't interrupted you.

Isn't it your day off?

May I ask a couple of questions?

That feels so good.

I had never seen a windmill until I visited the Netherlands.

He tried many different methods.

This might hurt a little bit.

What do you think of his idea?

Which do you like better, tea or coffee?

We've been over that.

Sanjib is being very cynical, isn't he?

Kay made Shirley go.

Can you tell me where you were at the time of the murder?

My stomach feels heavy.


We can tell how much we've aged by looking at the faces of those we knew when we were young.

I am a successful failure.

I thought that's what you wanted.

No matter what you say, he still won't do it.

Jong shut off his computer.


Their voices match perfectly.

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I want you to sign this.

We have often lightly made fun of our friend's affection for stoats.

I live in Minnesota right now.

Read the kinds of books that you find interesting.

I made you coffee.

We've been going out three months.

Why are you asking me about this?


Jeannie tells me you're smart.


How long are you planning on staying?

Monday's a holiday.

Is anything exciting happening?

The knife has a keen blade.

Erik was executed on October 20, 2013.

I hadn't expected anyone to be home.

I'll see how Calvin is.

You all have two books.

I found the supporting characters rather underdeveloped.

Brazil has one-third of the world's rain forests.

Terrence denied the allegations.


What in the world happened here?

Suddenly, the basement I was in started to look almost nice and warm.

Ceremony is not needed for prayer, trust is.


You're really wonderful.

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There he remained.


He is one of the most generous people I know.

Voters of the middling sort don't see it that way.

Is he the one?


I'm pretty sure King's serious about that.

Put this in your pocket.

One idiot can ask more questions than ten wise men can answer.

You should help him.

Your eyesight's gonna be ruined if all you do is play games.

The bomb was defused by the bomb squad.

I built this doghouse by myself.

James was the one who built this house.

I like milk and bread.

Are you still living on Park Street?

I thought of one.


I can't bear the pain.


We were destined to meet one day.


Turn the corner and you will see the stadium.

I'm going to buy her something.

I have had enough of sweets.


I'll tell him when he comes here.

Huey listened to the news on the radio.

Let's concentrate on the future.


There's free food.

I'm so anxious.

So let us summon a new spirit of patriotism, of responsibility, where each of us resolves to pitch in and work harder and look after not only ourselves but each other.

The earthquake destroyed everything.

She looked pleased with her new job.

Reiner lost everything.

We wish we didn't have to take a test in English.

I've never eaten anything as delicious as this.

Allow me to go with you.

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My sister is a very beautiful girl.

I am washing my socks.

Dan is dating my daughter.