I think it might help if you'd talk to Micheal yourself.

Unless whales are protected, they will become extinct.


I hate these things.

I make so bold as to ask you.

The horse is thirsty.


Vladislav will probably know what we need to do.

It looks like Toufic won the race.

This is as good as any.


Do you study any foreign language?


Shane is feeling better, isn't he?

I'm on your side, Emma.

Hugh refused to go to bed.


Be careful not to spill your beer.

My father quit smoking.

I don't see you as a teacher.

He wandered about the country.

I put the book down and turned on the light.

Gretchen used to live at that address.

Lum opened the door and went out.

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You're making too much noise.

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I guess I'm lucky.


How long have you been looking?

He's a crybaby, just like always.

A friend of mine is looking for someone who speaks French.

When my alarm clock goes off, I always stop it in my sleep.

Baseball is a popular sport in several Latin American countries.

Brian bought a lipstick for Kate.

Walt's hunch was right.

The darker the mane of a lion is, the more attractive for females it is.

Owen gave Krzysztof the receipt and told her to put it in her purse.


The pain melted away as the ointment was rubbed into his foot.

I found some money on the way home from school today.

"Thank you very much for everything." "You are welcome."


The leaves turn red in the fall.


I can work from anywhere.

Ritchey watches too much television.

There is a path through the fields.


Is his pulse regular?


I read the whole book in a day.

Mehrdad wants to go abroad.

Has he got money?

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We're looking for a place to sleep.


You find that it is shaped by science.

Let's continue to do this.

Sho has a good point.

What is the main goal of this project?

I thought you said Sedovic was leaving.

Emily pulled open the drawer.

Is he nice to her?

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My grandson called to invite me over.

What do you call this bird?

She got so angry that she belted him in the face with the back of her hand.

He is no more a singer than I am.

Why was this news released?


Isaac Herschel encouraged all six of his children to train in mathematics, French and music.

That was all Ric knew about Linder.

There's obviously nobody here.

Sho doesn't need to be here on Monday.

I'll sue you.

You can't marry Louis.

Your behavior was inexcusable.

To choose time is to save time.

I can't write my paper when I can't find a stupid topic.

Maybe you should go check up on Tor.

They add pictures to their album.

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When did you tell them?

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This old building was beautiful.

Elizabeth, I'm here.

I'm not sure where Roberta will go.


I love the way you dress.

Hey guys, please be quiet.

Let's quit.

Lea is watching them.

Malus thought Leads knew why he didn't like her.

Dorothy never told me what he wanted to eat.

Kari wants me to call him, but I don't think I will.

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It will be a good lesson to him.


We'll find something.


The museum is around the corner.

He was supposed to call her at ten.

Sorry, I just got my hair cut 10cm.

His pride wouldn't allow him to tolerate such insults.

Nothing was funny.

Can you see it?

Ramiro walked over to where Tomas was standing.

We've got to find somewhere to hide.

I hope this is the right one.

The student made an irrelevant remark.

Do you like the Bulgarian circus?

Liz respects everyone.

I left everything in my room.

I hope Jacques can fix it.

The guy I met yesterday didn't give me his real name.

He settled part of his estate on his son Robert.

Francis hasn't been trying very hard.


There's still time.

It's legal for citizens to carry guns in many states.

Something happened.

Good night, dear friend!

She meant no harm.

Knowledge can only be obtained by study.

I thought I'd go fishing.


I've given you everything you wanted.

Today they'll show a good movie.

The two boys began to blame each other.


The ruling party is running a smear campaign against the opposition.

There were a lot of people in the park today.

Don't change the topic.

Would you like a drink while we wait for the others to arrive?

I thought we should start celebrating.


We're fighting for our lives.

The country had been devastated by long war.

You don't have to go if you don't want to.

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Something must have happened in Boston. Joel seems really depressed.

My dog has large paws.

The civilian unrest is showing no signs of abating.

Everyone in our class passed the exam.

John isn't my brother; he's my nephew.

Everything will work out.

It's been cleaned.


Why are there so many dishonest people in the world?

He wouldn't even speak to me.

I bid you welcome.

Greece is an European country.

The student raised her hand.

The dog will bark.

Have you had anything to drink tonight?

Effort is essential to studying.

I like her. She's so beautiful!

That boy is a handful.

She hinted that she might study abroad.


The population of Osaka City is larger than that of Kyoto City.

Jayant is a funny guy.

I'm being harassed.


This world is a valley of tears.


Is he all right?

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I don't even know them.

I'll buy you whatever clothes you want.

I don't go to school by bus.


Warren's glad.

She was offended by something.

Have you begun studying French?

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I can't believe that you were the smartest kid in your class.

Stick to jackets that aren't too gaudy.

Jem lived in Australia for quite a few years.

Holly thought that Gary was wasting her time studying French.

We kind of expected this to happen.

I want those kids to leave.

They listened attentively so as not to miss a single word.

Siping closed one eye.

It is with narrow-souled people as with narrow necked bottles: the less they have in them, the more noise they make in pouring it out.

I knew they would suspect you.

We took a walk on the beach just before sunset.


Being skinny is unhealthy.


I don't really feel like reading.

It was a mouse.

I like May the best of all the months.

I was adopted at birth and have never met my mum. That makes it very difficult to enjoy any lapdance.

Orange juice or champagne?

Hsi isn't himself anymore.

There are no survivors.


He will never make this.