I cry whenever I listen to this song.

I can't drink such sweet stuff.


I wonder if there exists a level that's lower than "user"?

As soon as the results are made public, I'll let you know.

You shouldn't be back here.


He sees things as they really are.

Some people have a terror of mice.

He succeeded by dint of effort.


We're not friends.

Don't be scared to meet new people.

Be warned, the judge disqualifies for the smallest of mistakes.

The rooms are all occupied.

Hockey starts this weekend.

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I hit my head and saw stars.

He said he would go to the United States.

Would you like a glass of water?

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I think those are David's shoes.


Will it disturb you if I turn on the TV?

They did what had to be done.

He made a model airplane for his son.

No tickets are needed.

This isn't a fair test.


We can't just sit here and do nothing.

It was fiendishly cold.

I haven't read his novel, and my brother hasn't either.


How long has Rodent been working for you?

Phnom Penh was flooded two or three days ago.

Don't screw it up!

All living things on Earth contain carbon.

Horst still doesn't know where he's going to go next summer.


Wherever he goes, he lies.

He mixed sugar with milk.

Farouk stole my candy.

I want to rest.

Time just slips through our fingers like the grains of sand found near the sea.

Please remind me, should I forget.

I know who likes Sachiko.

Scientists consider the invention to be important.

Let's give Jayant another chance.


I went to Sendai and back without resting.

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I forgot you were listening.


I saw a wonderful fall there.

He worked hard to earn a lot of money.

He gave up going abroad to study because of his father's sudden death.

Have you ever pirated something?

Don't go too far away.

I have to take the test again.

He spun her around, took her in his arms, dipped her back, and gave her a big Hollywood kiss.

Why do people not always tell the truth?

Is there any more of that?

I spilled coffee on your tablecloth.

Sal's car needed a wash, so he left it out in the rain.

I wish Kriton would hurry up and do what he said he'd do.

We really hope you can be at our party.


There are a lot of people and cars in this city. It is a busy city.


I haven't played tennis in years.

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Didn't Claudia tell you I was dying?

Write with pen and ink.

We don't have problems. We only have tasks.


He's in his element when working on the farm.

I can't help you anymore, unfortunately.

Judith just got back today.

The years passed like the wind for Elsa, and she grew into a lovely woman, with a knowledge of many things that she would never have learned in her native village.

Lana gives me the creeps.

The student hall is for benefit of the students.

Don't worry about her.

I think that helped me.

Donna used to be a long distance truck driver.

I haven't seen her in a long time.

I gave offense to her.

That's easy.

I've got to go and get her.

He closed the door quietly behind him.

Roxanne owns the biggest farm equipment dealership in this area.

I heard you got a new car.

It's time for action.

I'm still not sure who I should talk to.

The story reminds me of an experience I had long ago.

Please buy me the new Shakira CD.

I can't talk to you here. Someone might overhear us.

I wrote back to Jaime.

Churches are designated on the map with crosses.


Everything will be all right.

The Secretary of State said he planned to resign.

If I hear one more sentence about tennis, I'll go crazy.

We need to find Agatha before he does something stupid.

What was it?

Why would Shane be angry?

Glen is tall and looks strong.

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There's a way to do it.

What was the idea of leaving the cup upside down last time?

Please don't cry any more.

I just felt slow and sluggish.

We didn't receive any notification of his having been fired.

I'd rather not interfere.

Olson cut the wire and defused the bomb.


Hank asked me if I could stay and help him clean up after the party.

She often eats breakfast there.

What's your strongest type of sunscreen?

You should've seen this place before I started cleaning it up.

Listen attentively to what I say.


Rest is important.

Kamiya didn't wash the dishes.

They said no.

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Trust your intuition.

My parents and I aren't close.

I'm just catching my breath.

I won't tolerate any mistakes.

His self-denial is admirable.

This is the best Christmas present I've ever received.

Is this some sort of joke?

He has written many books about China.

I don't have enough money to buy a new car.

Knute had heart problems.

I didn't tell you what he wrote in that letter.

The word is repeatedly used with that meaning.

Mix flower with two eggs.

We can have dogs, cats, birds, and so on.

I can reach the top shelf.

He comes into contact with all kinds of people.

They won't mind.

Many couples these days are having divorce ceremonies, complete with divorce vows, conducted by professional civil celebrants.

Plastic asked for directions.

I'm having a little get-together tomorrow at my place. Would you like to come?

I'm really going to miss him.

We cut our living costs.

I cannot bear the pain any more.

Here's something to think about.

The friend whom I invited never showed up.

Price let himself in through the back door.

It's so beautiful! Where did you get it?


Is there anyone here who disagrees?

Wood is a disappearing resource in much of Africa, and these stoves burn far less wood than the stoves currently in much use.

They killed more than three thousand sailors.

It was just a wish.

I am proud of you.


I'm sorry. I shouldn't have started it.

Did you hear a knock?

My uncle teaches English at the university.


Leith can swim much better than Merat.

He is clever in some ways.

I'd like to introduce Pontus to Larry.


I'm free for breakfast tomorrow.

It scares me.

What did I tell you about calling me here?

As the catterpillar chooses the fairest leaves to lay her eggs on, so the priest lays his curse on the fairest joys.

How are things at work?


Flexibility is one of the many advantages of working from home.

Biodiversity has never had it so bad.

He is very observant of his duties.

Caty is lesbian.

Sumitro is somewhat concerned.

The gates were closed.

Come on back here.

It is impossible to speak too severely of his conduct.

You're capable.

Grace is moving.

Lonhyn and Markus still aren't here.

We were so tired that we turned in about 9:00 last night.

Yeah, she must be the sure thing!

Sal doesn't know the reason why Randall went to Boston.

Did she go to that concert?

My mother was very weak from a long illness.

Don't you get on each other's nerves?

That was a great party.

A lot of shit has happened in my life.

Don't talk back to me like that.

I wish you had let me know you were coming.

Where did all these people come from?

Joel wants to know how he can gain weight.


What's more, from now on you must remember that you cannot go to the seaside again (by believing this forever, I have already found the biggest, best and most fitting one for me).


We have four classes in the morning.