This line is parallel to the other.

He still hasn't returned the book he borrowed from the library.

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It's seems I've caught cold yesterday evening.

Nathaniel is losing it.

I wish Stacey wouldn't sing so loudly late at night.

I'm fatigued.

Narendra followed Roberta out of the hospital.

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I don't allow my kids to watch TV on school nights.

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I'm a lousy cook.

She's a tarot reader.

Fritz was totally impressed.

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Once upon a time there lived an emperor who was a great conqueror, and reigned over more countries than anyone in the world.

How could something like this happen?

I would proudly carry the title of nerd.

We haven't found it yet.

In spite of the heavy traffic, I managed to get to the airport in time.

It was really incredible.

Lorien stopped knocking on the door as soon as he realized Cristi wasn't home.

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I have always wanted to become a teacher, but it didn't happen.

On bad roads this little car really comes into its own.

Do you really want Tolerant to suffer?

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Our grocery bill soared last month because of higher vegetable prices.

Poor Pinocchio! He even tried to tear his hair, but as it was only painted on his wooden head, he could not even pull it.

The square of any prime number is a semiprime.


He was wearing a tuxedo.


Deborah seemed bored.

Jason hacked his way through the jungle alone.

Vinod doesn't know why I called you.

Dick is brushing her horse.

Let's just calm down.

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To help ensure safe operation, regularly inspect the AC adaptor and AC power cord. If damaged, stop use immediately.


What we know about Doyle is that he has a wife Shai and they have two children, a son and a daughter with the same names as their parents.


"My father doesn't drink." "Neither does my father."

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I like setting goals for myself.

Knute was happy tonight.

The lights were off.

I glanced at the clock and knew what time it was.

When I was a child, I would often call on him on Sunday.

Sanche told Erik that he wouldn't be able finish the job in the amount of time she'd given him.

The accomplishment of this task took many years.

Do you still want us to take care of your dog?

Forget about him.

Let me go with her.

The sad story made my heart ache.

Which snake has the longest fangs?

I'm glad that's over.

Choose either one or the other.

Several stocks in the portfolio lost value over the course of the year.


Bertrand fell asleep crying.

Please tell Theodore where he needs to go.

I have a collection of sand dollars.

That's very different.

At night, I write in the living room.

Anatoly forgot to tell Judy that John had called.

You mean it, don't you?

Studies say that true happiness comes from giving back, not from material things.

Jesus has abs of steel.

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Let's hope we find Shutoku before the police do.

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Alcohol and other substance abuse is plaguing our society at the moment.


It's difficult to feel at home in a foreign language.


Who's your favorite fashion designer?

Do you get paid for being such an asshole?

Loren doesn't have many books.

Louis did not know their names.

The express train is an hour faster than the local.

They spent a lot of money on their son.

Which day of the week is it?

With the eyes, we see; with the ears, we hear; with the skin, we touch; with the nose, we smell; and with the tongue, we taste.

They won many competitions.

Children should play outside.

Spass told Leith he needed her help.

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What did you need this for?

How come Gregge didn't fight?

He has no political ambition.

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I hope that's everything.

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I think she's going to get a divorce.

How you behave toward cats here below determines your status in Heaven.

Who brings me fruit and tea?

I bought a car in Derry yesterday.

You've got to read this.

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All of that concerns us.

I sat and stared at it.

I wasn't able to finish my homework on time.

It seems that the credit for my prepaid mobile phone account has run out.

Helen looks a little unsure.

You're starting to piss me off.

Concrete can be reinforced by putting steel bars inside it.

Elliott begged for Maria's forgiveness.

She was more beautiful than all the others.

Franklin spends a lot of time in the library.

He prays dictatorially.


They don't want to cut anything out of the budget.


Where did you learn to read?

What is your marital status?

I have a few ideas for you.

Is he graduating this year?

Danger is my middle name.

The hair-dressing liquid gave off a strong smell.

Stop it or I'll scream!

She thought of a solution.

This clasp won't fasten.


I believe he is going to be rich one day.

Stop torturing me. What did she say?

If the door doesn't fit, you might have to shave off a bit of the wood until it closes properly.

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I'm expecting a letter from her.


That word describes it perfectly.


She cooked the meat.


Let's try to contact Sanjib again.


They are now leveling the road with a bulldozer.


It's my very case!

He is as intelligent as any student in the class.

This paper should be adequate for your purpose.

They elect their representatives in a voting booth.

This is sweet.

Let's not invite Miriam.

I was supposed to meet Horst here yesterday.

"Have we met somewhere before?" asked the student.

The herb used in that pasta sauce might be parsley.

He wants to work in China for two years.

Joubert was a sight for sore eyes in her stunning, form-fitting red outfit.

How old are the children?

It was a nerve-wracking experience.

Most people stuck around for a while after the show.

Max didn't get anything done today.

Many cars passed by.

Patty was so short that she couldn't reach the branch.


You can't look at that.

You didn't mention that on the phone.

The scholar carried on his lifework.

You must be Miss Kenny.

Jill approved of his wife's extra-marital affair.

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Which do you like better, cycling or jogging?


I should probably help her.

Do not oversleep tomorrow morning.

Can it really be this bad?


You were right about this.

You need to get her to listen.

Nate had a confused look on his face.

Her absence went unnoticed until the end of the meeting.

Hilda has a strange sense of humor.


Read the advertisement section if you're looking for a job.

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I sure rubbed your nose in shit.

I like fish cooked on the grill.

Ravi has lost something.

I look on watching TV as a waste of time.

You know, I'm an adopted kid myself. My parents left me when I was fifteen years old.

This is very confusing.

She expressed her sentiments on the war.


Please do exactly as I say.


I've never worked with her.

Justin died a natural death.

Alison is quite eccentric, isn't he?


They're not metal.


I talked to him when we were in the cinema.

Clarissa shifted gears.

I used to play with a couple of boys.


Someone who scares easily shouldn't practice my profession.

Sometimes you can see the ISS in the sky.

Dan didn't even leave a message.